CP03 ECMO – Hemoconcentration


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CP03  ECMO – Hemoconcentration



Hemocor HPH Mini Hemoconcentrator with 2 accessory connector packs

(4) tubing clamps

(4) scalpel blades and alcohol swabs

(2) DLP perfusion adapters (¼”-male)

(2)DLP perfusion adapters (1/4”-female)

(1) ¼”x 1/16” x 8’ tubing

(1) 1 liter Plasmalyte

(2) DPL Rapid Prime Set #10021

(2) Large-bore stopcocks

(1) Pediatric urimeter bag

(1) Baxter solution set

(1) Ureteral drainage bag (Ref 7,000)



  1. Attach female perfusion adapters (found in accessory pack) with ¼” ends to hemocencentrator.
  2. Attach 1 piece of 6” x ¼” tubing to connectors previously placed on hemoconcentrator.
  3. Place 2 male perfusion adapters with ¼” connectors to ¼” lines with large-bore stopcocks on each end.
  4. Attach ¼” female connector to the end of stopcock.
  5. On inflow of hemoconcentrator, attach 6’ x ¼” tubing and place in rollerhead. Attach ¼” female perfusion adapter to ¼” line, and then to quick-prime line. Clamp and spike plasmalyte bag.
  6. On outflow of hemoconcentrator, attach 12” x ¼” line from stopcock to DPL perfusion adapter ( ¼” female) to quick-prime line, to plasmalyte bag.
  7. Prime and debubble blood path.
  8. Attach Baxter solutions set to effluent port with leur lock connection.
  9. Place ureteral drainage bag on spike port of Baxter solution set and clamp.
  10. Deair effluent side of the hemoconcentrator, Baxter solution set, and urteral drainage bag.
  11. Once properly deaired, place hemoconcentrator in ECMO circuit, utilizing large-bore stopcocks.
  12. Place hemoconcentrator inflow post pump, outflow prepump, and pre-bubble detector.
  13. Insert effluent line in I.V. pump to pull from hemoconcentrator.
  14. Set to desired effluent pull rate (not to exceed 35 ml/h).
  15. Increase arterial pump flow to compensate for shunting across hemoconcentrator.

Space 1


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