CP04 ECMO – Transportation


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CP04  ECMO – Transportation



The perfusion team, as requested by the surgeon, will initiate ECMO support.  The perfusionist will maintain patients on the original ECMO system as per the physician’s request, until such time as the receiving perfusion personnel arrives or transport has occurred.

A circuit consisting of a centrifugal console/pump, tubing, and a hollow-fiber oxygenator with integral heat exchanger will be used.  Arterial inlet pressure will be measured via a fluid separator pressure-monitoring system.  Pump flow will be provided via a Maquet console.  Temperature will be maintained via an external heater-cooler.

If transfer is not possible, extended maintenance of ECMO will be necessary. In this event, rooms for the next day’s cardiac schedule may need to be closed.  Based on current staffing,


Necessary Equipment


ECMO Circuit with oxygenator and pump (######)



Maquet Rotoflow centrifugal pumphead (#)

Sorin 3T Heater/Cooler (######)

Space 1


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